The garden

Welcome to Permeke’s beautiful garden! It is freely accessible during museum opening hours. You can relax there for a while, meet up with friends or family, or enjoy a picnic. The garden was completely remodelled in 2023-2024 with the support of Toerisme Vlaanderen through the Flemish Masters revival project. Our aim is to ensure that Permeke’s attachment to experimentation and renewal is reflected in the garden. We have opted for a radically ecological approach. How are we going to maintain the garden in the future? How can we take account of severe climate change and give nature a helping hand? The clipped lawns are being replaced with wildflower meadows, fruit and nut trees. We have opted for ecological mowing management. Photos from Permeke’s archive have guided the restoration of original features such as the sunken lawn and tree-lined avenue, flanked with hedges, that was inspired by the British arts and crafts movement. We are also open to social participation projects involving schools, local residents and community organisations.

Four sculptures by Constant Permeke are on permanent display in the garden: Niobe, Torso, Liggend grafbeeld [‘Reclining Grave Statue’] and Marie-Lou. They are wrapped in special frost-protection covers during the winter period (November-March). De Zaaier [‘The Sower’] is currently being researched as part of a wider investigation into the artist’s sculptural techniques (project implemented with the support of the Flemish Government). A full-sized reconstruction of the damaged sculpture will be displayed in the garden from 2024.

Contemporary installations and sculptures are also integrated into the garden as part of the exhibition programme.

Read our garden regulations here