Permeke Museum

With the renovated museum, we want to put Constant Permeke back on the national and international map, and break away from the one-sided view of his oeuvre. The house features a permanent display that is designed to contextualise the artist. It includes artworks, tools, archive material, photos, films and a plethora of stories. A digital walking tour has been created for the museum and garden. All information is available in four languages.

Studio Permeke

The Permeke Studio is the innovative heart of the Permeke Museum, a space where ideas can burgeon playfully and personal creative work can flourish; where there’s room for discovery and experimentation, reflection and doubt, collaboration and introspection.

We organise a wide range of activities for schools, families and individual visitors, including holiday camps, Wednesday afternoon workshops, family sessions, birthday parties, collaborations with schools, training courses for teachers, concerts and lectures. The Permeke Museum’s activities are always centred on Permeke’s art and are designed to explore fresh perspectives.

Studio Permeke is accessible via a small staircase or via the door from outside. This door is 65 cm wide.

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Permeke’s witnesses

In collaboration with Jabbeke Council, we launched a call for people who knew Permeke during his lifetime. Seven extraordinary testimonies were recorded and incorporated into the new presentation in the artist’s home.

Do you have a great story of your own about Constant Permeke?

Who is who?


Dominique Savelkoul, director

Christine Van Daele, business leader

Joost Declercq, artistic coordinator

Art Division Academic policy and research

Inne Gheeraert, coordinator/curator Permeke Museum

Mieke Mels, curator Mu.ZEE

Ilse Roosens, curator Mu.ZEE

Stefan Huygebaert, curator Mu.ZEE

Wendy Van Hoorde, staff member

Conservation and collection management

Barbara de Jong, head of conservation and collection management

Stijn Peeters, collection registrar

Karolien Withofs, restaurator

Johan Van Roose, administrative staff member

Jan(us) Boudewijns, loan coordinator


Elise Vanhoecke, education staff member

Roos Nieboer, education staff member Permeke Museum

Nina De Bruyne, reception staff member


Colette Castermans, head of communications

Inge Busschaert, webmaster and social media

Fundraising & development

Inge Vekeman, head of fundraising & development

Administration unit

Bram Bekemans, accountant

Eline De Cloedt, hr departement

Gerda Balcaen

Lizy Delheye

Nancy Blieck


Heleen Claeys, librarian

Gregory Boite, library employee

Building & facility

Maarten Van Colen, responsible building & facility

Technical team

Eddy Billiau

Luc Hessens

Lorenzo TJaeckx

Ronny Malesys

Maintenance team

Karine Inghelbrecht

Shahida Bi Aziz

Christiaan Laforce

Ubah Mohamed Shil


Jean-Baptiste Hintjens, Hospitality & Security Manager

Herbert Deruwe, collaborateur Hospitality


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Administrative Board

List of members of the Board

Bart Plasschaert          (chairman)
Sabine Friederichs           (vice-chairwoman)
André Baert
Jan De Bock
Ann Duflou
Tom Lamont
Jan Loones
Lisa Lust
Margot Neyskens

Independent Directors

Inge Cornillie
Simon Van Damme
Lieven Van den Abeele
Dirk De Clippeleir
Luc Tayart de Borms


Els Cuisinier
Martine Meire
Annelies Storms

Additional members General Meeting

An Fonteyne
Ingrid Denys
Sonja Vanhee
Tom Cornelissen
Christian Veroughstraete


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Claudia Jaques, Hilde Brandt, Kim Plasman, Freek Allaert, Patricia de Jaeger, Tessa Mauroo, Lars Pitteljon, Khoshal Doust, Kurt Lievens

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In accordance with the camera law of 21 March 2007 - regulating the placement and use of surveillance cameras.

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Civil liability insurance

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The injured parties can turn directly to Ethias

The policy number is 04/11 – 45.252.502