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Does art make your heart beat faster?

Do you feel a special connection with the art of Constant Permeke?

Then a donation will undoubtedly make you feel warm inside. For us, every donation, large or small, means a world of difference.


For us to keep telling our story, business support is very important.

We like to talk to partners who, like us, think it is important for everyone to be able to enjoy art. Young and old, both now and in the future.

A partnership must provide added value for both parties and can range from financial contributions through the exchange of knowledge to the use of marketing opportunities to attract a wider audience.

Structural partner


You can bequeath part of your estate or include Mu.ZEE in your will.

Thanks to your donation, we can:

- show, expand and manage the collection
- organise exhibitions
- develop educational and participatory projects
- conduct research

Is going to a solicitor directly too big an initial step?Information and advice are available free of charge from the legal helpdesk of our partner via this link: