Home and studios

Experience the iconic work of Constant Permeke during a visit to the artist’s former home, studios and sculpture garden!

The Permeke Museum is dedicated to the modernist artist Constant Permeke. It comprises his family home plus his drawing and sculpture studios. Situated in the midst of what was once a rural environment, it is surrounded by an extensive garden. Architect Pierre Vandervoort designed the De Vier Winden [The Four Winds] country house in 1928, working in close collaboration with the artist. It developed into a ground-breaking home, in a functional modernistic style, rising up imposingly above the open polder landscape. In 1934, Permeke built an additional property to the left of the house, which he originally used as an exhibition space and later as a sculpture studio. The artist lived here with his family from 1929 until his death in 1952. It is where he created the majority of his work and also entertained his friends and fellow-artists.