Grote Marine, 1935

The relocation of Grote Marine (Large Seascape) appeals to the imagination because of its exceptional dimensions. It was expertly packed and taken to a professional outdoor depot. There was no room for it at the Mu.ZEE depot.

Did you know that …

Constant Permeke painted Grote Marine in 1935 for the Maritime Pavilion of the world fair of 1935 in Brussels. It is an impressive and monumental canvas, measuring 1.98 x 4.25 m. Hidden behind a wall for years, in 2019 it was brought out to shine again in all its glory in the sculpture studio. Permeke was drawn to the sea all his life. In the mid-1920s he painted dozens of seascapes, initially with a beach, dunes or a breakwater - later those elements disappeared and the canvas was completely taken up with the expanse of moving water. The North Sea in all its strength and splendour. He saw the sea as a mirror of the soul and as a means of expressing his emotions.

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