Twaal in een dozijn - Nein en Marlies De Clerck

Twaalf in een dozijn 1

Twaal in een dozijn - Nein en Marlies De Clerck

The back of a painting has important art-historical value which usually remains hidden from the public. In ‘Twelve in a dozen’, the arts platform Nein and artist Marlies De Clerck research why these backs appeal to the imagination through a contemporary interpretation.

Each painting has an artistic composition on the back that is initiated by the artist and completed by collectors, dealers, museum staff and conservators. Notes, signatures, studies, labels and modifications due to conservation techniques tell us more about the history of the painting and the artist’s way of working. Nein has selected twelve works from the Mu.ZEE collection based on their particular backs. These have then been reinterpreted by the artist Marlies De Clerck in oil on canvas. Her visual language and touch have created a new series of autonomous works.

‘Twelve in a dozen’ offers a look behind the scenes and confronts us with various questions about authorship and authenticity.

Published on the occasion of the exhibition in Mu.ZEE, 12.2.2022-29.5.2022. Limited edition - 300 copies!

Soft cover, 40 pp with contributions by Marlies De Clerck (artist), Barbara de Jong (Preservation and collection management, Mu.ZEE), Laurens Mariën (host at Nein), Ilse Roosens (curator, Mu.ZEE) and De Twee-eiige Drieling


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