Rein Dufait : night chinks, wandering troughs, paint cuts.

Foto :  Michiel De Cleene

Nachtkieren, dwaaltroggen, verfsnedes. (Night chinks, wandering troughs, paint cuts)

These are some words Rein Dufait (°1990, lives and works in Ostend) came up with and which he links to what he is currently doing in his studio. They evoke many associations and nothing at the same time. They are unusual compositions, combinations arising from a search for images and that also shape and designate actions.
Rein Dufait links these words to the work of Constant Permeke, with whom he engages in a visual encounter at the Permeke Museum. Every summer since 2016, an exhibition of two contemporary artists has been held in the former sculptor’s studio behind Permeke’s residential home in Jabbeke. However, Rein Dufait is going to form a duo with Permeke himself and make use not only of the sculpture studio, but also the beautiful garden. Nachtkieren, dwaaltroggen, verfsnedes are the words that have inspired Rein Dufait to create a series of new drawings, compositions and spatial sculptures. The Great Seascape, which Constant Permeke painted in 1935, hangs at the centre of the exhibition space. This large seascape prompted Rein Dufait to come up with a new image from his own artistic practice, as a counterpart in space. Dufait is an artist who begins his reflections based on the subject and gradually arrives at images. He creates objects that seem to challenge the idea of ‘manufacturability’, to which a sense of control is attached. It suggests that you can shape something efficiently, provided that a plan is followed step-by-step. Dufait creates his artworks at the border between nature and culture. The ideas that he elaborates strongly betray the hand of the artist and the time required to allow a sculpture to develop.


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