Individual visit

After the measures taken by the Flemish government to combat the pandemic, Mu.ZEE and the Permeke Museum will close until further notice from 29.10.

€ 3
€ 2,50    discount cards, groups, 65+, etc.
€ 1         youngsters aged 13 to 26
Free       for children up to the age of 12

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In a group

Permekemuseum tuin

Guided tour of the Permeke Museum and exhibitions

Are you looking for inspiration for an outing with your family,
friends or society?


Studio Permeke XL

Studio Permeke XL offers a wide range of workshops for
adults and young people aged 16 and up.

Studio Permeke – with the class

Studio Permeke – for teachers

Permeke prof

Are you a teacher or leader who longs to be immersed in music? Do you want to develop your next craft project in an artistic and creative way? Perhaps you can’t immediately see how to enrich your lessons with a dash of art? With every series, you’ll be given tips for viewing art with children. We adopt a playful approach, using drama, music, poetry or images. Bring your own (grand)children to these sessions and experience everything together, as well as create. A great way of aligning yourself with your target group! In the workshop we discover unusual combinations of familiar and affordable materials.

You can also book ‘Permeke prof’ as teacher training sessions.

Target group: for teachers and leaders from schools, childcare, institutions or organisations and their own (grand)children

Price: teachers 55 euros, children entirely free

Number: max. 25 participants

Reservation required



Accessibility of the museum

The Permeke Museum only offers limited access to wheelchair users.

Guide dogs are permitted.

The Province of West Flanders offers generous financial reimbursement for a visit to the museum. The province will reimburse West Flemish youth organisations, holiday childcare providers and poverty organisations 50% of bus transport (or a generous 70% of public transport costs), 50% of the entry price or price of the workshop, and 50% of the costs for the guide


Creative workshop for people with a mental impairment

The Permeke Museum wants to be accessible for a broad and diverse audience, including people with a disability and their carers. Direct contact with the artworks creates special moments between participants, carers and their guide. They enjoy a playful, appropriately-tailored discovery tour of the museum; listen to exciting stories about the artworks; and experiment with shapes, lines, colours, rhythm and a cornucopia of materials.

Duration: 2 hours
Price: 1.25 euros per participant
Number: max. 20 children


For people living in poverty

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